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Welcome to BIN database project

In today's modern world, accepting credit card payments can open many doors for your business. Unfortunately, it can also increase your liability. Ensuring that your customers are satisfied is only a small part of the formula for success, but it is also an important part that requires your constant attention.

Using a BIN lookup service or BIN database can help to prevent charge backs and fraudulent transactions and thus, freeing up more of your time to focus on fantastic customer service.

Fraud is one of the leading causes of charge backs. These days, criminals are getting more and more sophisticated and are creating tactics to bypass many of the traditional transaction management checkpoints. These checkpoints only confirm if a credit card is legitimate and if user reported account information matches that which is already on record.

There are other ways to look at fraud screening and charge back prevention. There are a myriad of tools out there that have the ability to identify whether or not the purchaser is the legitimate cardholder as well as determine a customer's potential for causing a charge back.

Through sophisticated analysis, it is possible to identify patterns and traits that are associated with fraudulent or high-risk orders and rank customers accordingly. From this point, it can be possible to determine the risk associated with each transaction and the potential of it being fraudulent or of it causing a charge back.

With the severe amount of credit card fraud which happens all around the world, it would be wise for any online business, whether it be large or small, to secure itself that little bit more by using BIN number checks. When you reduce your risk, you increase your profitability.

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Whether you like it or not, credit card fraud is something that can hurt you when running a business. Therefore it would be considered wise to protect yourself from this unseen enemy, discover where you may be vulnerable and identify strategies to help lower risk with your day to day transactions.

Thousands of online stores are benefiting from BIN database systems. It is a great way to find out if a card that you are accepting has a high risk of fraudulent activity.

DID you know that web based businesses lose millions of dollars each year because of credit card fraud?

A BIN database is one the few things out there that can actually hep to prevent such losses and ensure that your business doesn't get caught by dozens of thieves.

A BIN number look-up service should be used by anyone who accepts credit card payments online in order to further secure their business and protect against transaction fraud and charge backs.

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